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A Federated Solution for Sustainability and Compliance Accounting

In the Net-Zero era, collaboration is the rule rather than the exception.

Solving the hard problems for:

  • Large Infrastructure Project Alliances

  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

  • Overlapping Reporting Boundaries

  • Scope 3 Emissions

Avoid liabilities from Greenwashing through transparent mapping of Regulations and Standards.

Exchange data while protecting commercially sensitive information.  

Our unique Standards-Within-A-Standard approach aligns the scientific and legal aspects of your business Sustainability initiatives.

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Pleione is a state-of-the-art sustainability accounting platform 

Pleione is a cloud-based sustainability accounting platform used for managing data collection, indicator estimation, and reporting in accordance with assumptions, conditions, and workflows set out by various sustainability technical manuals and standards.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, user error and poor version control.  

With Pleione, everything's always up-to-date. No more version control, no more errors. Easily reconcile data, manage compliance and reporting requirements and provide access to auditors and third-party stakeholders. 

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Streamlined, simplified and verified access to sustainability data.

Pleione stores diverse data in common, open-source data structures aligned to globally accepted data standards while providing provenance and complete transparency across diverse data sources.

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Purpose-built for contractors and multi-stakeholder projects.

Pleione is purpose-built for multi-stakeholder infrastructure projects and helps contractors to meet their sustainability data collection requirements quickly and easily.


A single source of truth with ease of access, that saves time & money on audits.  

Pleione provides a single source of truth for its compliance and reporting requirements. Easily reconcile data capture, manage compliance and reporting requirements and provide access to auditors and stakeholders.



We're a technology provider and a consulting partner for the global built environment.


Pleione is our state-of-the-art cloud-based sustainability accounting platform for net zero infrastructure projects.

Pleiades Consulting

Pleiades is a team of like-minded specialists assisting organisations with accounting for their environmental assets and liabilities. 


What would you like to know about Pleiades?

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  • Who is Pleiades?
    Pleiades is a crack team delivering a suite of sustainability accounting software and services to the global infrastructure sector. We have over 50 years of combined global experience and track record across sustainability reporting, data science, engineering and technology. Learn more about us here.
  • What is Pleione?
    Pleione is a cloud-based carbon and sustainability accounting platform purpose-built for the global infrastructure sector to reliably calculate, monitor and audit its progress toward net-zero. Pleione is used for managing data collection, indicator estimation, and reporting in accordance with assumptions, conditions, and workflows set out by various ESG technical manuals and standards. Pleione implements a Pleiades-developed proprietary climate accounting approach built upon an open-source interoperability standard, Observations Data Model 2.0 (ODM2), developed by the global scientific community for managing and exchanging a broad range of environmental and indicator datasets. Interested in a demo? Contact our team today.
  • How much does Pleione cost?
    Pleione operates on a usage-based pricing model which enables us to focus on providing real value to our customers while you only pay for what you use. Get in touch with our team for more information.
  • Who is Pleione best suited for?
    Our current offering is limited to Sustainability Consulting Services. Pleione will be able to streamline the often time-consuming and expensive task of data capture, reconciliation and data provenance so that Sustainability Consultants can produce high quality and reliable reports. In the future, Pleione will be available for the broader infrastructure sector; including, Developers, Accounting Firms, Financial Institutions and Government Departments.
  • Does Pleiades offer consulting services?
    Yes, Pleiades has brought together a team of specialists to assist provide technical consulting services for organisations with an ongoing need of accounting for their environmental assets and liabilities. For more information, check out Our Services.
  • How do I pronounce your name?
    Our company, Pleiades, is pronounced "Play-ah-dees" Our software, Pleione, is pronounced "Play-oh-nee"
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