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Get to Know Our Team

We've assembled an awesome team with over 50 years of combined global experience and track record across sustainability reporting, data science, engineering and technology.


We're a technology provider and a consulting partner for sustainability accounting and collaborative data management.


Sam Nelson is the Managing Director of Pleiades.


Sam has over thirty years of experience in environmental accounting, scientific programming, and environmental data systems.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in General Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where he is from, and has been certified as a high school math & science teacher.

Sam is an EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner - Climate Change Specialist, a ClimateActive registered consultant and an Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional.

 Sam Nelson 


Our specialist consultants assist organisations with accounting for their environmental assets and liabilities.

Information Systems Consultant


Claudia is an Information Systems Consultant from Hamburg, Germany.

Claudia is responsible for implementing bespoke Access, Excel, SQL Server, and SSIS ODM2-based solutions for Government contracts.

She has maintained and extended systems managing data on state-wide phytoplankton sampling and analysis, comprehensive steam ecological surveys, multi-scale seagrass investigations, and estuarine chemical-physical observation data analysis.

Claudia is also responsible for writing and maintaining a SQL Server application for batch importing new reporting guidelines and calculation methodologies into the Pleione system.

  Claudia Tiedemann  

Technical Standards & Content


Mohyeddin is a sustainability consultant and technical standards professional at Pleiades. 


Mohyeddin has a background in chemical engineering and sustainability management and aspires to use his skillset in developing innovative solutions to real-world problems.


Mohyeddin works with clients to help them understand the ESG implications of their projects and facilities and provides guidance on how to improve their sustainability performance.


He also collaborates with the development team by analysing and adapting suitable ESG accounting standards for integration with the Platform.

 Mohyeddin Amadezyabary 



Alex Ulyanov, with an MS in aerospace from Moscow Aviation Institute and over ten years in aerospace engineering plus four in software development, is now a Senior Python Backend Developer at Pleiades. His previous role at fly. DATA Ltd involved backend maintenance, designing web services, and mentorship. Alex has experience in algorithmic trading in crypto markets as a freelancer and was a Senior Lead Airspace Engineer at ILYUSHIN, focusing on dynamic and aeroelastic analysis. Fluent in English and Russian, his expertise includes Python, SQL, Docker, among other languages, significantly contributing to our team's

 Alex Ulyanov 

Senior Back-end Software Engineer


Yara is a skilled developer from Amazonas, Brazil. She is a member of the IT team at Pleiades.
Yara has a background in computer science and mathematics, and a strong passion for working with data.
She is known for her ability to process and analyze large datasets with speed and accuracy, and for her expertise in developing efficient and effective software systems.
Yara is responsible for designing and implementing the systems that support the company's ESG accounting products. She is part of the software development team.

 Yara de Souza Lima 

Back End  Developer

Cristian Ariel Negrini, with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina, is now a Senior Frontend Developer skilled in React, Node.js, and Next.js. He has a solid record of crafting high-performance solutions, improving user experiences, and leading teams. Cristian has added value to companies like Pleiades, AMP, and DigitalX Limited through projects like Drawbridge, showcasing his proficiency in agile methodologies, React.js, and CSS preprocessors. He's committed to pushing the boundaries of frontend development to enhance user engagement.

Ngawang Samphel

Team Leader & Senior Front-end Developer


 Cristian Negrini 

Samphel is a junior software programmer at Pleiades.

Ngawang Samphel

Junior Software Developer


 Ngawang Samphel 

Avatar 102


 This could be you 



Jordan is a software engineer at Pleiades. Jordan grew up in Gold Coast, Queensland, and was always passionate about using technology to make a positive impact in the world.

With a background in analytical chemistry and data science, Jordan brings a unique skill set to his role.


As a back-end developer, his responsibilities include designing and implementing software systems, ensuring they are efficient, scalable, and secure.

He works closely with the development team integrating software components and delivering high-quality solutions to clients.


Jordan enjoys coding gaming-related projects or prediction modelling tools.

 Jordan Hoare 

Senior Software Developer

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