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Our mission is to become the leading sustainability accounting platform powering humanities decarbonisation transformation.

Pleiades is on a mission to enable the global infrastructure and natural resources communities to meet their Net-Zero Era objectives by providing software tools to support the systematic reporting and sharing of climate and environmental data consistent with an evolving global ecosystem of guidelines and standards.


We've assembled an expert team with over 50 years of combined global experience and track record across sustainability reporting, data science, engineering and technology.


Our Founder, Samuel Nelson, is a pioneer in the rapidly developing field of climate and sustainability accounting, with nearly 40 years of experience working with government, corporate, and non-profit clients.

Samuel has also the Co-founder of the Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting and has lectured on the subject for the Curtin University Graduate School of Engineering.

Modern Architecture


Infrastructure built today must be designed to span the net zero transition.

Working toward net-zero emissions will be a far-reaching global endeavour, and the infrastructure sector will have an integral role to play in transforming the world’s capital stock.

How will we know if we're actually achieving our net zero ambition in infrastructure?

As Governments around the world legislate ambitious net-zero targets, new regulatory and corporate reporting standards require the infrastructure sector to not only predict the carbon impact and sustainability performance of project designs but also to track the actual carbon impact throughout a project's construction and operation.

In the absence of a global, unified carbon footprint accounting platform; collecting, managing and auditing these data remains complex, inefficient, time-consuming and lacks transparency.

Managing the transition to net zero requires transparent, auditable data capture.

That's where we come in.

Image by Pedro Henrique Santos
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