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Our Services

Open Source Environmental Data Management


Join the global community of environmental scientists and managers in using open source data architectures used by the global scientific community to manage and exchange your environmental data.

Optimise ESG Reporting


Optimise ESG and compliance reporting into unified processes integrating multiple reporting programmes within operations, across silos, and over project development phases for better outcomes.

Internal Control for Environmental Accounting


Implement effective and flexible systems to account for rapidly evolving ESG indicators demanded by an increasing variety of your stakeholders.

Strategic Reporting Frameworks

Plan in ESG reporting and data requirements from Planning & Design through Approvals, Construction, Operations and Decommissioning.

Resilient Stories  


Pleiades Perspectives, the publishing imprint of Pleiades, introduces our debut novel,

Ten Directions, sci-fi for a #survivablefuture.

Net Zero Planning

Develop and register your Science Based Targets Initiative Net Zero targets and plans, with GHG inventory systems and annual progress reporting.

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